Feed Your Inner Ecosystem

  • Angiogenesis

    Helps regulate

    blood vessel function

  • DNA

    Helps protect and regenerate DNA

  • Immunity

    Helps strengthen

    the immune system

  • Microbiome

    Helps promote

    a healthy gut

  • Regeneration

    Helps regenerate

    organs, tissues, and cells

I have done a lot of reading, listening, learning, sharing, and reading again. I keep coming back to who has had the biggest impact on how I think about my days and how these crackers became my “aha moment” and are central to my journey and to The Low Carb Co. In a world of endless literature, Dr. William Li's Eat To Beat Disease has been my beacon to help me really understand the impact of food on my body. My most important takeaway, explained by Dr. Li, is the 5 defense systems that form key pillars to our health:

(1) Angiogenesis, (2) DNA protection, (3) Immunity, (4) Microbiome and (5) Regeneration.

Dr. Li explains “…each of these are influenced by our diet and when we know what to eat to support each health defense, we know how to use our diet to maintain health and beat disease”.

With this he shares a list of 26 foods that bolster all 5 defense systems, and guess what - flax, pumpkin, sesame, and sunflower seeds all made his list! That’s what makes our crackers the best.