I call myself a chronic health survivor.

I have been managing chronic autoimmune illnesses my whole life - Type 1 Diabetes at age 2, hypothyroidism at 16 and Addison’s disease at 22. If it sounds complicated, it is! I have juggled my health 24/7 with medications, diet and exercise.

It’s not what I do, it’s who I am.

Only as an adult have I really understood how important the balance of my food choices are to reduce the amount of medication I take and how I get through each day without added stress to my body and mind.

I was 26 when I was launched into covid seclusion and trying to stay focused and motivated, a great friend of mine who is athletic and very health conscious (and now a doctor!) suggested I try seed crackers as an alternative snack and food choice.

I started making the crackers from my kitchen and feeling inspired, I went online and found 2 young mothers in Australia who had already made and put this cracker to market.

After many great conversations back and forth, I am very excited to bring you my version of these crackers and launch here in Canada to make The Low Carb Co a full-bodied health and wellness experience in North America.

From my own personal health journey, I am inspired to help make a difference and be part of the ever growing movement towards healthy eating, healthy minds and ultimately, our healthy planet.

My focus is to share my health and wellness journey to a low carb life so that you will join in and share and we can all learn and grow together.